Centurion and Katana Go Super and The Katana Goes Unlimited Double Ply

Titan Supports Systems has once again earned its reputation as being the originator and never the imitator, with the introduction of their Super Katana and Super Centurion lines.


The IPF approved Super Centurion Custom features all the revolutionary styling and fabrics as the regular Centurion except our patented harness system is reinforced to create the strongest, most supportive single ply suit in the lifting world!


The Super Katana S/S for flat benchers and the Super Katana A/S for arched benchers feature our improved IPF approved collar design. It's wider, heavier, and cut lower for greatly improved performance. The new lower cut neck reduces likelihood of the shirt riding up and putting pressure on the neck while the increased width and thickness of the collar acts as an energy band to create more resistance and store more energy than regular Katanas. These two simple changes produce a huge improvement in performance.


But we didn’t stop there. The Super and Regular Katanas are now also available in our record smashing unlimited styles. This means double-ply power for unlimited performance. The Super Katana and Katana Regular 2-Ply Unlimited now join The Boss to complete our line unlimited gear.