The Fury bench shirt was introduced in July 2002 and revolutionized the industry. It featured a radically different design that initially drew chuckles and even criticism from hard core fans of the existing shirt design – until the records started falling! The innovation was the 90 degree hemispherical sleeves. The Fury’s 90 degree hemispherical sleeves store energy as soon as the elbows are cracked and the bar descent begins. More energy storage (resistance) means more explosive power and bigger benches. The most copied shirt design in powerlifting history, the Fury features our NXG Plus fabric and a dynamic stretch back. The Fury for flat benchers is backed by an unmatched guarantee that’s as tough as you are: 1 year on blowouts plus an 18 month "No Run" guarantee on NXG Material ONLY!! We just don’t look for the best powerlifting materials and support systems in the world, we create them!

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