Brad Gillingham IPF Hall of Fame lifter- Team Titan Powerlifter - Minnesota

Male 125+ kg Weight Class

Best Lifts

Weight Class Squat Bench Deadlift
125.0 kg 395.45 kg 287.73 kg 388.18 kg


Name: Brad Gillingham

Residence: Minneota, Minnesota

Age: 38

Employer: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Family: Wife- Diane, Daughters - Emily 6, Elizabeth 3 1/2

Hunting for just about anything: Ducks, Geese, Pheasants, Grouse, Turkeys, Deer, Fox and Coyote.

Lifting Family:
Brother Karl 300-2 x WSM Competitor. World Ranked Strongman Competitor.
Brother Wade 280- National USAPL Competitor, and National Strongman Competitor, Grip Strength Specialist
Father Gale 320-7 Time All Pro Green Bay Packer Offensive Guard, Super Bowl I, and II. Still stronger at 60 then all 3 boys in some events.
Cousin Brian 270-Strongman, Weightlifter

Secret to my success:
A lifetime of fighting for table scraps with the family.

Favorite Lifting Gear:
Titan Custom NXG Squat Suit
Titan Fury Bench Shirt
Titan Knee Wraps
Titan Wrist Wraps
Titan Power Singlet
Safe USA Squat Shoes
Safe USA Powerlifting Belt

GNC Pro Performance
Safe USA

Jackals Gym:
Jackals Gym Members include: Wade Gillingham, Karl Gillingham, Jim Tirrel, Darwin Patzlaff, Terry Kriz, John Campion, ,John Krogman, Jordan Krogman, John Nordin, Greg Wagner, Nick Tylutki, Gary Grahn

Lifting History


Best lifts in a meet:

B/WSquatBenchDeadlift     Total
125870 lb.633 lb.854 lb.     2324lb.


Powerlifting International Championships


Year ClassOrganizationLocationPlace
1996 SHW IPF PAN AMHamilton, Ontario, Can.1
1997 SHW IPF WorldsPrague, Czech Republic2
1998 SHW IPF WorldsCherkasey, Ukraine4
1999 SHW IPF WorldsTrento, Italy2
1999 SHW IPF Invitat.Orebro, Sweden1
2000 SHW IPF PAN AMChicago, Illinois1
2000   Guest LiftAkita, Japan1
2000 SHW IPF WorldsAkita City, Japan1
2001 SHW World GamesAkita City, Japan2
2001 SHW IPF WorldsSotkomo, Finland1
2001 SHW IPF Invitat.Orebro, Sweden2
2002 SHW IPF WorldsTrencin, Slovakia2
2003 SHW IPF WorldsVejle, DenmarkInj.
2004 SHWIPF N. AmericanFort Lauderdale, FLA1



Powerlifting National Championships


1992275USAPLMinneapolis, MN  4
1993275USAPLWilkes Barre, PA  3
1994319USAPLChicago, IL  2
1995319USAPLWilkes Barre, PA  5
1996319USAPLSt. Louis, MO   2
1997SHWUSPFPhiladelphia, PA  1
1998SHWUSAPLDenver, Co  1
1999SHWUSAPLSt. Louis, MO  1
2000SHWUSAPLChicago, IL  1
2001SHWUSAPLOmaha, NE  1
2002SHWUSAPLChicago, IL  2
2003SHWUSAPLRapid City, SD  2
2004SHWUSAPLBaton Rouge, LA