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October 4, 2008 Carol Ann Myers squat 575lb

Carol Ann Myers, Southern USA Classic, Overall Women's BB Champion

Carol Ann Myers - Team Titan Powerlifter - Defuniak Springs, FL

Female 67.5 kg Weight Class

Best Lifts

Weight Class Squat Bench Deadlift
75.0 kg 275.5 kg 145.5 kg 220.5 kg

Background Information

Name: Carol Ann Myers
Birth date: March 25, 1966
Birthplace: Toul USAFB, France
Current Residence: Defuniak Springs, Florida
Coach & Husband: Bobby Myers
Marital Status: Married for 24 Wonderful years to my husband and training partner Bobby
Family:1 daughter just graduated from the University of West Florida. (Teaching)
Height: 5'6
Weight: 152
Competition Class: 148/165 Open, and Master
Federation: APF/WPC, SPF/WBPLA, APA, WABDL, APC.    NPC: Figure & Bodybuilding
Began Competing: Dec 2002

My start in the gym was due to my want and desire to spend time with my husband, Bobby, and get into better physical shape.  Not only did I discover that weight lifting was fun and great exercise, I became addicted to euphoria of a great workout and physical progress.  Competition for me was simply natural evolution in this process.  The goals that I strive for each year not only test my resolve in the gym, but also my personal metal.  I have found that powerlifting in correlation with body building workouts, increase my overall strength and physical stature.  I have a deep appreciation for all those who compete in either/both genres.

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Powerlifting Competitions

2008 SPF/WBPLA World Championship Women’s’ Open 148 winner (Total 1320 lb)

2008 SPF/WBPLA World Championship Women’s Master 148 winner (Total 1320 lb)

2008 SPF/WBPLA Best Lifter of Year – Women’s Raw Division (co efficiency)

2008 SPF/WBPLA Best Lifter of Year – Women’s Equipped Division (co efficiency)

2007 APC  Nationals Women’s Master’s 40-44 165 Winner

2006 APF Senior Nationals Women’s Open 165 Winner (Total 1262 lb)

2005 APF Senior Nationals Women’s Open 165 Winner (Total 1207 lb)


Bodybuilding/Figure Competitions

NPC Lee Haney Challenge Figure
3rd place in over 35-age class
4th place in open class

NPC Steel World Figure
1st place in over 40-age class
2nd place in open class

NPC Panhandle Showdown Bodybuilding
1st in Mrs. Northwet Florida
1st Open Middle Weights (bw 137 lbs.)
OVERALL Female BB'er

NPC Southern USA Classic Bodybuilding
1st Open Heavy Weights (bw 134 lbs.)
OVERALL Female BB'er