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Cheryl Anderson squat

Cheryl Anderson

Cheryl Anderson - Team Titan Powerlifter - St. Louis Park, MN

Female Weight Class

Best Lifts

Weight Class Squat Bench Deadlift
48.0 kg 118.18 kg 78.18 kg 147.73 kg
48.0 kg 125 kg 77.27 kg 142.05 kg


Born: May 25, 1975 in Brooklyn, New York

Height: 5'0"

Competition Weight Class and Division: 97 lb., Women's Open

Current Residence: St. Louis Park (Minneapolis), Minnesota

Career: Corporate Communications Intern at Northwest Airlines; full-time college student at Northwestern College (St. Paul) majoring in Communication Studies; and proud mom of an incredible kid. I have also recently worked as a Communications Intern for the City of Edina, Minnesota; webmaster, web designer and developer; and model and actress.

Gym: THE GYM Training Center - Plymouth, Minnesota

Began Lifting: Serious and consistent full-power meet training began in late 2002 and full-meet competition in early 2003 (a few bench meets in 1996, 2000, and 2002)

Best Competition Lifts:

B/W   Squat     BenchDeadlift
97260 lb.172 lb.325 lb.
105275 lb.170lb.312.5 lb.


Best Lifting Accomplishments (all 97 lb. Open):

  • 2006 New USAPL Open American Bench Press Record Holder
  • 2005 IPF Women's Worlds Bronze Overall Medalist with Silver in Bench Press
  • 2005 USAPL Women's Nationals Champion
  • 2004 WABDL World Champion, Bench Press and Deadlift
  • 2003 AAU American Invitational Silver Medalist at the Olympic Training Center
  • 2000 USAPL Bench Press National Champion
  • Elite Lifter Classification within first year of full power training and competition
  • National, Regional, and State Record Holder in USAPL, WABDL, and APA-WPA