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....and 363 in the Titan Fury.

Jill Mills - Team Titan Powerlifter - San Antonio, Texas

Female 82.5 kg Weight Class

Best Lifts

Weight Class Squat Bench Deadlift
82.5 kg 282.73 kg 175 kg 250.45 kg


Married to Milo Mills with one child

Bodybuilding: 93-95
Powerlifting: 95-present
Strongwoman: 97-present

Train at Olympic Gym, San Antonio, Texas

Training Philosophies:
1)listen to your body more than your training partner

2)work on your weaknesses more than your strengths.

3)commit and conquer..( this one needs an explanation)...

I see lifters approach their training or the competion platform with a look of self doubt brewing in their eyes. COMMIT yourself 150% to the lift and you WILL suceed.

4) never be too big or too proud to listen to other experienced lifters


Biggest titles:
"2001 and 2002 World's Strongest Woman"(strongwoman)
2003 APF nationals and WPC world powerlifting champ

Best Lifts: 622-385-551=1537.7 (official, 1560 unofficial)@176 lbs, Nov 2003