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Jona receiving the gold medal at Worlds.

Jona with a huge bench press

Jonathan (Jona) Leo - Team Titan Powerlifter - Sioux Falls, SD

Male 125.0 kg Weight Class

Best Lifts

Weight Class Squat Bench Deadlift
125.0 kg 0 kg 365 kg 0 kg


Jonathan (Jona) Leo

Occupation- Owner of

Director of Wellness at ABHM Age- 36


Preferred Titan Equipment- Super Katana A/S 36” Signature Wrist Wraps Toro Bench Belt Titan Super Ram

Lifting History

Recent Highlights 2013 

IPF World Bench Champion, +120 kg class 

Set the IPF Open World Record of 794.7 pounds. As of 5/25/13, this is the largest bench press in IPF history regardless of weight class.  

IPF World Bench Championship- 2nd place Overall pound for pound (Wilks formula) · USA Powerlifting Bench Press National Champion, set American Record of 805.8 becoming the 1st American the break 800 bench press barrier.

Heaviest Bench Press at the Arnold Sports Festival Titan Pro Bench, Columbus, OH 2012 

Broke IPF/NAPF (North American Powerlifting Federation is a regional division of the International Powerlifting Federation) Bench Press Record. 772.7 pounds.          USA Powerlifting National Bench Champion, Palm Springs, OH 

Ranked #2 bench press in the IPF using Wilks (pound for pound) formula.   

Became the 10th American in history of the USA Powerlifting the break the 700 pound bench press barrier.

Career Highlights  

Team Titan Member · 2013 IPF World Bench Champion 

4 time- USAPL World Team Member · North American Bench Press Champion (+120) & record holder.

3 time- USAPL National Bench Press Champion

6 time- USAPL South Dakota State Champion 

4 time- Nebraska State High School Champion

 Powerlifting Coaching Resume- Northwestern College, B.A., Kinesiology Certified by National Strength & Conditioning Association Coached State, National, & World Champions (Open & Masters) 2006-2010- Volunteer Powerlifting Coach at McCrossan Boys Ranch