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Lea Ann

Lea Ann Adams

Lea Ann Adams-Team Titan champion

Female 56.0 kg Weight Class

Best Lifts

Weight Class Squat Bench Deadlift
56.0 kg 170 kg 92.5 kg 200 kg


. Lea Ann has been an Educator for 29 years now.

She started in Powerlifting in 1987 at the suggestion of her husband and coach. Lea Ann has battled scolosis since age 22. We thought heavy weight training would help arrest the condition by strengthening her spinal column and back in general. The effects of training showed promise fairly quick. When Lea Ann started she was 4’11’’ and weighed a hefty 150+. The Scoliosis and 1 leg being an inch shorter than other made her inactive. She often dealt with a hip that would pop out of the socket on her short leg with no advance warning.Leaving her in constant pain. Powerlifting changed all that. As her lifts grew her health issues were minimized. Her 1st meet had her doing a 200 squat 80 bench and 235 Deadlift. in 132 weight class. that was 6 months from her start of training in 1987. 1988 saw her climb to a USPF masters Classification total of 675 total in the 123 weight class.1989 Saw her qualify for USPF Elite Clasification Total. 330 squat 121 bench 330 deadlift 782 total.We have always believed in Drug free lifting so we moved to the ADFPA in 1991. I ‘m lucky in that. I got to know Brother Bennett thru phone conservations.He will always be remembered as a Man among men in my book.I think of Pete Alaniz the president of Titan suits the same way.He started supporting Lea Ann as a sponsored athlete in about 1989.In 1992 Lea Ann competed at her 1st ADFPA Nationals. She Squatted 347 Bench 143 and Deadlifted 402 .887 total .The deadlift record at that time was 369 she raised it by 33 lbs. 15 kg that day. Not bad considering she has one active erector muscle in her back because of the spinal curvature from Scoliosis. Lea ann won the nationals at 55.5 kg .setting records in Deadlift and total. She went to the Worlds in Derbyshire England mainly because Pete Alaniz helped us with Airline costs to get there. Thanks Pete. you were always there for us.Lea Ann won the worlds with 870 total and 3rd place best lifter trophy women. In 1993 we went to New york for 1993 ADFPA Womens Nationals. Lea Anns lifts were. 352 Squat, Missing 363 record on technicality that she started before signal. The rack obstructed her view of refs hand. She raised American Deadlift record to 407 and totaled 903 @ 55.5 kg. She went to 1993 WDFPF worlds in Chiliwack British Columbia.Representing USA in 55.5 kg 122 lbs weight class. her lifts were 352 Squat 159 bench 418 Deadlift .925 total.The Deadlift was a new World and American record. That Record stood from 1993-2013 in ADFPA and USAPL. Lea Anns Best lifts in competition are 374 Squat, has done 405 in training. 205 Bench 440 Deadlift. We can’t Thank Pete enough for all the years of support with his wonderful products. Pete Alaniz was and is there for the small unknown lifters.He helped make our Dreams realitys with his sponsorship. Thanks go to the Titan Family for years of support. Thank you. Guy and Lea Ann Adams


Lifting History

Lea Anns Greatest accomplishments were 1992 ADFPA 55.5 kg champion. Raised Deadlift record from 369 to 402 lbs .1992 World WDFPF Champion. set world records on Squat, Deadlift andTotal. 1993 ADFPA 55.5 kg. Champion 352 Sq, 159 bench 407 deadlift. 1993 world WDFPF champion. 352 Squat 159 bench 418 Deadlift. 925 total. Won Best Deadlifter trophy for women. The pictures are from an old issue of Powerlifting USA from 1994. As you see Lea Ann was used in advertising as a Team Titan Member.Thanks for your help. Guy and Lea Ann Adams.