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Nick Tylutki bench pressing

Nick Tylutki - Team Titan Powerlifter - Sartell, Minnesota

Male 100.0 kg Weight Class

Best Lifts

Weight Class Squat Bench Deadlift
100.0 kg 350.5 kg 208.2 kg 343.18 kg


Name: Nick Tylutki

Hometown: Melrose, Minnesota

Residence: Sartell, Minnesota

Age: 25

Family: Wife- Sara

Title: Software Engineer

Hobbies: Playing volleyball, softball, and video games.

Years Training/Competing: 6/4

Sponsors: Titan Support Systems, Inc.

I would like to give a special thanks to Pete and the Titan Family for all of their support from the beginning. Also, thanks to all the boys at Jackal's Gym for the crazed training sessions. Lastly, thanks to my family for the unbelievable support...I couldn't do it without you!


2001 Junior National Champion

2000 Junior World Team Member - Taiwan (3rd place - 198)

2001 Junior World Team Member - Bulgaria (8th place - 198)

2003 Open World Team Member - Denmark (5th place - 220)

Best Lifts:
    Squat- 771
    Bench- 458
    Deadlift- 755
    Total- 1968