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Pete benching big with Titan.

Big Bench

Pete Grohoski- Team Titan Powerlifter - Pottstown, PA

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I am the proud father of 2 teenage boys. We live in Pottstown, PA along with my girlfriend. I am a multi-national champion in both the master’s 3 lift and master’s bench nationals. I started lifting at 15 to play football but was told I was too small. I weighed 105lbs in 10th grade. I started lifting with the intention to play as a junior but I liked the gains I was making and never went out for the team. I graduated at 138 lbs. I competed in bench only meets and bodybuilding( not very good) until I was 20. I stuck with bench meets. I benched 315 raw at 150 pounds at 18. A few years later I started 3 lift competitions. From 1998-2005 I stopped competing in 3 lift meets due to having 2 kids, going to school, and working a full time job. I did this in order to be a father who was at home. I went from the 220 class down to the 198 class during this time. My bench responded to all the additional recovery by not training legs. It wasn’t until 2011 I would start year round training and competing in 2+ full meets a year.


As I got older and being drug free, I adjusted my training due to life. I have learned two things, first, my training motto is “Focus First”. Train hard, train focused and train to win. You can’t control the other guy’s lifts so focus on you. No matter what my chances were in an upcoming meet I always trained like I am or could be first place. My drive remains the same, whether being on top of the mountain or climbing it. Even though I may not place first if my body performs to a personal best in that particular competition then I placed the best I could which is as good as first. I have had meets where I have taken 3rd with a personal record and have left there happier then where I took first with no personal best.

Secondly, leave the ego at the door. I believe the key to longevity is listening to my body, which has helped. If something doesn’t feel right then don’t stop training BUT train around it. Strengthen the muscles you typically don’t train or train as hard. By doing this you will see a spurt in strength when you go back to training normally. Strengthening the area around the injured area will help prevent future injuries. Too many times when things feel good we let our ego dictate the next set because we are trying to impress someone. I have learned if it doesn’t benefit me then don’t do that extra set of ego. Keep yourself in check.


2006-2009 were my most unsuccessful years in powerlifting. In 2010, things turned around for me because of a new support system in my life, as well as new training techniques and mental philosophies. I disassociated myself from people who brought negativity, stress or pessimism. Basically, I surrounded myself with good karma. It was then I started performing like I belonged at a national level.


My top 3 best or favorite meets:

• Master bench Worlds in Prague 2013 and England 2014. I placed 2nd in both but what I will never forget is when the national anthem was done for Japan, Masahiko pulled myself and the 3rd place gentleman up to the 1st place stand and shared the spot with us both years.

• 2013 Master Worlds 3 lift. I placed bronze but went 9 for 9. I was 5 lbs off of personal besting every one of my lifts but attained a total. I had a month notice and couldn’t perform better.

• 2011 Master 3 lift nationals. This was my first full national meet and first meet since bombing in 4 straight nationals previously. The pace was fast with 6 minute breaks in between attempts. I missed my 1st two bench attempts but nailed my third. I refused to let my past infect my mind on the third attempt and I prevailed.

I have won multiple state meets, both full and bench only, from 2005-2013


Lifting History

National meets

2010 Bench nationals raw First

2011 Masters National 3 lift First

2012 Master’s Nationals 3 lift First

2012 Bench Nationals 1st masters, 3rd open

2013 Masters Nationals full First

2013 Bench Nationals 1st Masters ,4th open

2014 Master Nationals First


IPF World Meets

2012 IPF World Full Power Bronze

2013 IPF World Masters Bench Silver

2013 IPF Master Worlds full Bronze overall, silver bench

2014 Master Bench Worlds Silver


I hold multiple state and national records on the bench. Of course there are contests all the time so I could lose one but as of this time I hold the following:



• USAPL American Masters 198 40-44 bench full meet 534lbs(Katana) set Jan 2012

• USAPL National Masters198 40-44 bench full meet 512lbs(Katana) set April 30 2011

• USAPL 220lbAmerican Masters Bench record full meet 579 lbs.

• USAPL 220lb American Masters bench record full meet 579 lbs.




• USAPL PA State Masters198 bench full meet 529lbs

• USAPL PA State Open198 bench full meet 540lbs

• USAPL PA State Masters198 Bench only 551lbs

• USAPL PA State Open198 bench only 551lbs

• USAPL National Master 220 40-44 bench full meet 578lbs

• USAPL PA State 220 open bench 578lbs

• USAPL 220lb Masters PA State bench full meet 573lbs

• USAPL 220lb PA State bench full Meet 573lbs


By being on two Master World teams I have met a lot of people. I love the people in this sport. Traveling I have forged many friendships and appreciate it. Most of the selfless people, I believe, are in this sport. A lot have helped me with physical support or mental support such as training advice or guidance. I would like to recognize my girlfriend Lori for her sacrifices and for being my biggest supporter, my sons, Mitchell and Mason for their encouragement, and Niko Hulslander, for his training advice and time.