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2005 IPF World Championships

2005 IPF World Championships

2006 USAPL Women's Nationals Denver, Colorado

Priscilla Ribic - Team Titan Powerlifter - Spokane, WA USA

Female 75.0 kg Weight Class

Best Lifts

Weight Class Squat Bench Deadlift
67.5 kg 247 kg 150 kg 245 kg

Birth date: Nov. 21, 1972
Birthplace: Pullman, Washington
Current Residence: Spokane, WA
Coach: Larry Maile
1 son (with mom's genetics! J)
I come from a family of 5 kids, one sister and three brothers. Ivan is my biggest supporter of my powerlifting career.
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 152
Competition Class: 148/165 Open
Federation: USAPL/IPF
Began Competing: Dec 1999

Best Competition Lifts (as of 12/11/04):

152545 lb.331 lb.540 lb.1388 lb.


  • 2004 IPF Open Bench Press World Champion
  • 2004 IPF Open World Champion
  • 2004 IPF Open World Silver Medallist Champion of Champions
  • 2004 IPF North American Champion of Champions
  • 2004, 2003 Best Lifter - USAPL Women's Nationals
  • IPF World Record Holder
  • American & National Record Holder
  • Multi-time National Champion
  • Multi-time World Team Member

Powerlifting History

I began powerlifting when I joined the gym in November 1999. Five weeks later I entered my first push-pull with a 145 bench (no shirt) and a 350 deadlift in the 165lb class. I was hooked from then on. Four months later I entered my first full meet with a 385 squat, 185 bench, 420 deadlift, totaling 990. I then decided to drop down to the 148 class and it was a bumpy ride with my inexperience in lifting, gear and dieting, my numbers tumbled. I ended up taking 3rd at my first USAPL Women's Nationals and was extremely disappointed in my performance. Thankfully due to last minute cancellations, two weeks from Women's Worlds in the Czech Republic, I got an alternate spot on the team. Taking 5th at Worlds, I was rather please. I then hooked up with who I consider to be the best coach in the U.S., Larry Maile. Since then, my numbers and lifting maturity have taken off. I now hold multiple American and National records in both the 148 and 165 weight class and feel that the sky is the limit.

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