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Steve Mann Gold medalist

Steve Mann

Steve Mann - Team Titan Powerlifter - Clarks Summit, PA

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Steve Mann began lifting for High School Football in the 8th grade. He was lucky enough to go to Abington Heights in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania where he was coached by Claude Welcome. Claude a certified weight lifting coach encouraged Steve to compete in his first Squat and Bench Press competition in March of 1991. He was in the 148 weight class and did a 335 LB Squat and 160 LB Bench Press. From there Steve continued to cross train for Football and Powerlifting, with one season as a sprinter on the track team. In Football, he was a full back and strong side linebacker  a majority of the time. Steve’s ran a 4.7 in the 40 yard dash, while squatting 565 LBs and bench 335 lbs in High School. Senior year after football was completed; Steve focused purely on Powerlifting and was able to win all of High School events including the PSCPA High School Championships. This event was held at Glen Mills High School, which is a reform school that has won over 10 High School National Championships. Although Steve never left the state of Pennsylvania during High School for the sport of Powerlifting, he competed against National Champions. Steve during his first semester of College was asked by his High School Powerlifting coach to do “one more” event. He really wasn’t sure if he wanted to keep going, but really didn’t have another plan. This event was held in White Plains, New York at the ADFPA Push/Pull. At the event, Steve was able to see that his strength stacked up pretty well. He kept going to events that year and with-in 12 months from his first sanctioned event, he won the WDFPF World Teenage Championships in Sussex, England. Since 1995 Steve has continued to step things up. He won the USAPL Collegiate National Championships in 1998. He then placed 6th at the IPF Junior World Championships. Since 2000 Steve has been competing at the Men’s National Championships. Mann has placed 3rd in the Open 3 times. Steve took four years from National Championship competitions to adopt two children and get his family debt free. Since Steve has returned to National Championship competition in 2012 he has won that last two National titles and represented the USAPL at two IPF World Championships. He has put over 100 pounds on his lifts and exceeded the 2204 pound / 1000 kilogram total.

Long Term goals: Continue to progress as a Christian Drug Free Strength athlete who enjoys making progress that he can call his own or God given.

Lifting History

Steve Mann's Best Competition Lifts* @ 110 KG /242 Body Weight *Squat:*810 LB / 367.5 KG *Bench Press:*580 LB / 263 KG *Deadlift:*678 LB / 307.5 KG *Total:*2056 LB / 932.5 KG @

120 KG /264 Body Weight *Squat:*881 LB / 400 KG *Bench Press:*639 LB / 290 KG *Deadlift:*683 LB / 310 KG *Total:*2204 LB / 1000 KG

 Recent Titles: 2013 USAPL Men's National Championships - Open National Champion - 120 KG  2012 IPF Open Worlds - 6th Place 120 kg. 2012 USAPL Men's National Championships - Open National Champion - 120 KG 2012 NAPF Arnold Sports Festival - Brown's Gym Pro Powerlift - Champion - 120 KG  2011 NAPF North American Championships - Champion - 120 KG 2011 NAPF Arnold Sports Festival - Brown's Gym Pro Powerlift- Champion - 120 KG